Cost Competitive Solution Across Industries

Usage of biochar in bio-fillers has proven to reduce weight while offering a cost competitive solution across industries. Polymers utilizing biochar have shown to decrease costs by up to 30% while minimizing impact to key material properties, additionally improving high temperature performance. Biochar utilization also inhibits the growth of molds or mildews while completely stopping the formation of mycotoxins and continues to protect material in all environments. The odor control characteristics of biochar are not lost during the impregnation of polymers and can actually reduce perceived odors long after the molding process has completed.

Because biochar is an organic based filler it’s now possible to add up to 30% of organic material to your polymers and decrease your environmental impact. Since biochar is a renewable resource you can effectively reduce your dependence on oil-based consumption. Biochar also helps reduce greenhouse gases and actually sequesters carbon.

"Reduce weight while offering a cost competitive solution across industries."